As it is customary to do in January, lets look back at 2018. It was a very big year for me. You rarely achieve all the things you hope for in a year, but this year was definitely one to remember.


First and foremost, in May my wife and I welcomed our first born Zoey into this world. She is an incredible baby and we couldn’t have hoped for more. I love being a father and it has really brought some perspective in my life. You really can’t understand what being a parent will feel like until you are one and you really can’t put it into words for some one who isn’t already a parent.

Event Sourcing!

I had the opportunity to introduce event sourcing at work to solve a multi-directional integration sync between some systems we use. We leveraged SqlStreamStore and it has been working great.

There will be more on this topic later as I re-implement some lessons learned into some demo applications and blog posts.


I spent a ton more time working with React and Javascript in general as it has been a weak spot for me. To improve I’ve started up a Warhammer 40k Math Calculator to better learn javascript and react. Currently I’m hosting it in an Azure static site.

Mathhammer doesn’t have the best UI as I’m using a drop-in Material library and haven’t spent any time on the mobile experience. I have some ideas for improving it and will implement them as I develop the project further.


While I was hoping to hit 12 books for the year, I ended at 9 for the year. Considering I spend a decent amount picking up new things on Pluralsight and Egghead I’m pretty happy with the result as it is much more than I’ve done any other year.

Topics varied all over the place from Introducing Event Storming and DDD Distilled to a 40k novel and of course some baby books.


There’s a lot I’m leaving out, but the short of it is I’m pretty happy with what I accomplished over the year. Did I want to do more, sure, who doesn’t, but all in all I am pretty happy with the above list.

I’m looking forward to 2019 being a great year as well.

Dave van Herten

Adventures in Code