What a busy month! Taking a break from talking about the DieRoller (which I did put onto NuGet now), but so many other fun things have happened!

In the last 2 weeks I’ve been to 3 Meetups and a conference!

Mississauga .Net User Group

This was a lightning talk event where I was one of the speakers. It was super fun to get up in front of everyone and do a quick talk on using Swagger to make building dev tools for internal use even easier without having to worry about a UI. Very receptive crowd and the other speakers were on point and did great jobs. All in all a great event!

Burlington Php User Group

Not a Php guy, but topics these days are often cross language so I thought I’d check it out because it was held really close to home. I’m really happy I did as I got to meet Chris Hartjes who did a fantastic talk on the realities of trying to push testing into an organization. The talk is available on YouTube here and I recommend checking it out.

Silicon Halton Software Peer to Peer

I’ve been attending the Peer to Peer events put on by Silicon Halton for a few months now and the discussions have always been very informative that come out of it. This month we dove into Docker. None of us were overly familiar with it, albeit very interested in it, so it was a fun exercise to have the room breaking down what we found and saw within the eShopOnContainers example that MS has available.

HamOntJS Conference by Software Hamilton

This conference was an amazing event. It was a mere $20 to go to. I’ll say it again, $20. That’s amazing. The focus of the conference was on Javascript and I learned about some new things I hadn’t come across yet. Most importantly though I really need to start looking at JS more. While I’ve been mostly in .Net for my career so far I like to use the right tool for the job and sometimes JS and what I saw today feels like it might actually fit better in some ways. Definitely need to dig some more and bump the priority on some of these things that were already on my ever growing list of things to learn about.

Summing up

What a great couple of weeks. Participating in these events has been something I am finding I look very forward to each month. I hope to do more speaking in the future and will likely work on some longer topics to build talks around in the coming months. Event Sourcing maybe? It’s been a fantastic growth opportunity for me and everyone I’ve met have been really quality people. If you haven’t gone to a meetup before, I highly recommend checking out if there are some that are local for you. It will invigorate and motivate you! I promise!

Dave van Herten

Adventures in Code