Securing a Swagger Api with IdentityServer4 - Part 2

This is part 2 of adding Swagger and IdentityServer4 support to a WebApi. Last time we set up the WebApi with Swagger. Now we will add the IdentityServer4 QuickStart sample and tweak it to support our Api. I’m going to move quickly over the setup of the QuickStart as the focus of these posts is on configuration of our WebApi.

Securing a Swagger Api with IdentityServer4 - Part 1

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of reading and experimenting with IdentityServer4. I also stumbled upon Swagger for WebAPI documentation and thought it would be fun to try and mix the two. Thankfully it is well supported and pretty easy to wire up. The following will go through the intial setup of the project and wiring up the QuickStart Identity Server to work with the Web Api.

Getting Involved!

It’s funny how this blog only took a couple of hours to get going, a few more hours spent doing a couple posts and yet it feels like it was over 3 years in the making. Back in March of 2013, Rob Conery and Scott Hanselman created a free and always available pluralsight course called Get Involved! I remember watching those videos and was all pumped and said to my self, I’M GONNA DO THIS! I’d even seen Derek Sivirs Now Movement which also had me wanting to start a blog as so many people started adding their Now pages. 3 years later and I hadn’t started. At the time I was about 3 years into my career and had been working mostly with a fairly large enterprise application. For what it did it worked really well, but it wasn’t anything to write home about because it was pretty old technology wise so what would I blog about?